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Table of Content of Issue 4, 2011

Scientific life

L.G. Panin
Aleksandr Ilyich Fedorov (for the anniversary of the Scientist and the Teacher)
In detail


A.I. Fedorov
Obsolete vocabulary and phraseology in the modern Russian literary language
In detail

Phraseological units in dialect discourse (based on the materials of dialect expeditions to the districts of the Novosibirsk region)
In detail

Chumakayev Aleksey Eduardovich
On the national and cultural specificity of phraseological units (with reference to the Altai and Russian languages)
In detail

Koshkareva Natalia Borisovna, Arshavsky Sergey Mikhailovich
The semantics of idioms with the component i 'mind' in the Nenets language
In detail

Efanova Larisa Georgievna
Semantics of the norm in the meanings of phraseological units
In detail

Rychkova Natalia Gennadievna
Peculiarities of the syntactical realization of the phrasemes в пух и (в) прах and не на жизнь (живот), а на смерть: comparative analysis
In detail

Belitsa Tatyana Ivanovna, Yudina Marina Arkadyevna
Reflection of the dominant traits of the national identities in phraseological units containing anthroponyms (with reference to the Russian, French and Italian languages)
In detail

Darmaeva Aryuna Dugarovna
A phraseological equivalent as a means of translating phraseological units in Ch. Tsydendambaev’s prose into Russian
In detail

Isachenko Oksana Mikhailovna
Phraseology of the Russian language as a playing ground
In detail

Study of literature

Klimova Margarita Nikolaevna
Apuleius – Kuzmin – Bakhtin: Metamorphoses of plot, character, destiny
In detail

Sidelnikova Maria Leonidovna
The image of the "living" portrait in the art philosophy of N.V. Gogol and E.-T.-A. Hoffman
In detail

Kaufman Svetlana Nikolaevna
The motive of “a girl’s looking glass” in the aspect of the narrative point of view (on the basis of the story “the Fair at Sorochintsi” by N.V. Gogol)
In detail

Shtab Veronika Andreevna
The theme of a road in the story “Viy” by N.V. Gogol and its reflection in the story by L.N. Tolstoy “Master and workman”
In detail

Vasilyev Vladimir Kirillovich
The story by I.S. Turgenev "The Unfortunate one" in the archetypical context
In detail

Kritskaya Nadezhda Vadimovna
"Аnd often for an answer waits in vain…," or "From questions to questions": English neoromantic fable
In detail

Adam Evgenia Albertovna
Three first German translations of the drama by A.P. Chekhov «Three sisters»
In detail

Vakhnenko Ekaterina Evgenyevna
The temple topos in A.M. Remizov's autobiographical space
In detail

Kulikova Elena Uryevna
On the dynamic tenor of a walk in the lyric poetry of acmeists
In detail

Burkov Oleg Andreevich
The motif of construction in the verses of Evgeny Kropivnitsky and other poets of the Lianozovo group
In detail

Ostrovatikova Galina Anatolyevna
Cyclization in the story “The Republic of Shkid” by G. Belykh and L. Panteleev
In detail

Maryin Dmitry Vladimirоvich
Autographs of V.M. Shukshin as an object of philological studies
In detail

Butenina Evgenia Mikhailovna
On the Russian classical literature in the émigré prose by Vasily Aksyonov
In detail

Khrustaleva Anna Vladimirovna
The letter by M.O. Gershenzon to A.P. Skaftymov in the context of search for a method
In detail


Bavuu-Syuryun Mira Viktorovna
The reflection of the dialectal division of the Tuvinian language in folklore texts
In detail

Sagaidachnaya (Trofimova) Anna Olegovna
Some principles of organizing a complete Udihe-Russian dictionary
In detail

Dudareva Yana Alexandrovna
A family of synonymous words as a field organization (based on an associative experiment)
In detail

Basalayeva Elena Gennadyevna
On some peculiarities of the formation of the odorative metaphoric microsystem of the Russian language
In detail

Ptashkin Alexandr Sergeevich
Pecularities of the structure and of the linguistic means of expressing the legal-regulatory component in the deviation category (exemplified by data on the English language)
In detail

Golev Nikolai Danilovich, Noskova Olga Aleksandrovna
The linguo-cognitive style of a journalist as manifestation of his argumentative logic (exemplified by literary and political essays)
In detail

Karpukhina Viktoria Nikolaevna
Peculiarities of reproducing time patterns in the children’s fiction texts in the process of intercultural communication
In detail

Komissarova Olga Valentinovna
Poetic images in forming a modeling potential of conceptual metaphors
In detail

Korol'kova Olga Olegovna
The concept of constructing a grammatical system of the Russian sign language (on the statement of the problem)
In detail


Khalina Natalia Vasilyevna
Kotyurova M.P., Tikhomirova L.S., Solovyovan.v. Idiostylistics of scientific speech. Our view of a scientist’s speech individuality. Perm, 2011, 300 p.
In detail

Golovchiner Valentina Egorovna, Rusanova Oksana Nikolaevna
Erdman as an occasion for reflections on the comic
In detail

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