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Table of Content of Issue 2, 2017

Yu. N. Chumakov
Asemantic Aspect of a Text: Boris Pasternak’s “Poetry”
In detail
E. I. Khudoshina
Yu. N. Chumakov’s Verse Theory
In detail
Yu. V. Shatin
Yu. N. Chumakov and Russian versicle novel
In detail
A. А. Hansen-Löve
The Russian Acropolis – About logocentrism between symbolism and avant-garde
In detail
L. A. Khodanen
Artistic semantics of the image of Mary and the story polyphony of «Feast during the plague» by A. Pushkin
In detail
E. N. Penskaya
«Well, wait a bit!» Approaching to one guess of Yury Chumakov
In detail
T. I. Pecherskaya
Dostoyevsky’s pawn: three thousand at the novel «Crime and Punishment»
In detail
E. N. Proskurina
«Funny» characters by Dostoyevsky in A. Platonov’s artistic reception
In detail
N. V. Nalegach
The creative refraction of Pushkin\s motif of poetic immortality in the dialogic «reflection poetics» of I. Annensky
In detail
E. Yu. Kulikova
About magistral and marginal ways of Russian poetry: Nikolay Gumilev and Pavel Bulygin’s «alien stars»
In detail
I. E. Loshchilov
Semyon Kirsanov’s poem «Mary-rider» (1925): the Name of Hero, the Plot and Zaum’ (Nonsense)
In detail
G. A. Zhilicheva
The Reception of Pushkin’s Literary Tradition in Yuri Olesha’s Works
In detail
N. O. Laskina
“Chopin, sea of tears…”: around a poem by Marcel Proust
In detail
M. Costantini
Venexia, Constantinoupolis, Konstantiniyye: enchevêtrements, ajustements, hybridations
In detail
I. V. Demin
Substantiation of the cultural-semiotic approach to history in Ernst Kassirer’s philosophy
In detail
Yu. A. Asoyan
«Courage of truth» and «care of the self» Foucault (objection Lorenzo Bernini)
In detail
E. A. Deyneka
«Poetics of philosophy», or Henri Meschonnic’s Anti-Heidegger
In detail
V. A. Konev
Umberto Eco: the Poetics of Joyce and the Transformation of the Type of Culture
In detail
O. V. Sokolova
Images of Language in Manifestos of the Italian, Russian and American Avant-garde
In detail
T. S. Simyan
Towards the Understanding of the Concepts of «Modernity», «Modernism» and «Avant-garde» in (Post) Soviet and German Study of Literature (An Attempt of Terminological Unification)
In detail
M. Yu. Martynov
Discursive interaction as the basis of anarchist symbols (in the example of the symbol «circle-A»)
In detail
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