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Name: On the Russian classical literature in the émigré prose by Vasily Aksyonov

Authors: Butenina Evgenia Mikhailovna

Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation

In the section Study of literature

Issue 4, 2011Pages 147-154
UDK: 82.091DOI:

Abstract: Many novels by Vassily Aksyonov seemed to the American critics to be untranslatable due to their powerful «allusive resonance» connected with Russian literature. Russian classical literature becomes a strand for all Aksyonov’s works, it naturally builds in both post-Soviet and American reality of his prose, either grotesquely contrasting with it or highlighting the kinship of present day Russians and Americans with its eternal spirituality.

Keywords: russian classical literature, émigré prose, vassily aksyonov, ‘postsovkism’


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