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Monuments of Folklore of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
Monuments of Folklore of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
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27. The Yakut Folktales

Introductory articles by I. Yu. Smirnov, N. V. Emelyanova, A. S. Larionova. Compilation and preparation of Yakut texts by V. V. Illarionov, Yu. N. Dyakonova, S. D. Mukhopleva, L. D. Nesterova. Translation of texts into Russian by A. A. Lilyukinoa, Yu. N. Dyakonova, S. D. Mukhopleva, L. D. Nesterova with the participation of N. V. Pavlova. Musical scores by A. S. Larionova, L. G. Ilyina-Goldshtein. Commentaries, notes, dictionaries and glossaries by V. V. Illarionova, S. D. Mukhopleva. Preparation of compact disk by A. S. Larionova.—Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2008—462 pages.

The book contains 36 Yakut folktales selected from archival recordings, early publications and expedition materials from the end of the 20th century.

Animal tales, fairy tales, and tales of everyday life appear in the volume.

The texts reflect dialectal features and individual pronunciation of the storytellers. Items taken from early publications are rendered in modern Yakut orthography. The volume contains the first publication of stories with inclusions of song. Appendices contain variants of two tales featured in the volume.

Collector of the Yakut folklore Andrej Andreevich Savvin (1896–1951)

Examples of text and audio

The Lady Frog

Record 3, the version of the text 7. Storyteller S. D. Kirillin

Text and Russian translation

Jengkjejebil i Sjejekjerje

Record 6, the version of the text 26. Storyteller G. Ja. Ivanov

Text and Russian translation


Expert in Yakut folklore, Doctor of Philology, a member of the editorial board ofthe mainseries “Monuments of Folklore of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East” Nikolaj Vasilevich Emeljanov (1921–2001) Connoisseur of the Yakut language and folklore Andrej Aleksandrovich Popov (1902–1960)
Researcher of the Yakut tales and folklore of the old resident of Russkoe uste Julija Nazarovna Djakonova (1953–1986) Storyteller Grigorij Jakovlevich Ivanov, village Kutana Suntarsky district. V. T. Novikov’s photo
Storyteller Prokopij Ivanovich Avvakumov, village Suntar Suntarsky district. V. T. Novikov’s photo Master of Olonho and storyteller Nikolaj Ivanovich Stepanov-Nooroj, village Bjokjo Megino-Kangalassky district. V. T. Vasilev’s photo
Yakut bride. Photo from the collection of I. V. Popov Yakut put on torbaza
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