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Monuments of Folklore of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
Monuments of Folklore of the Peoples of Siberia and the Far East
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22. Russian family and ritual folklore of Siberia and the Far East. Poetry of wedding rites. Funeral laments

Compiling and preparation of texts, notes, indexes by R. P. Potanina, N. V. Leonova (wedding poetry), L. E. Fetisova and N. V. Leonova (funeral laments). Introductory articles by R. P. Potanina (wedding poetry), L. E. Fetisova (funeral laments). Musicological articles by N. V. Leonova, N. A. Ursegova (wedding poetry), N. V. Leonova (funeral laments. Compact disk preparation by N. V. Leonova. Preparation of the master disk by G. A. Petrov.—Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2002.—551 pages.

The volume highlights two important family rituals: wedding and funeral. There are quite a few publications of traditional Russian folklore of Siberia and the Far East, and the volume‘s compilers chose to publish the best quality and most characteristic recordings. Special attention was paid to the wedding tradition of Siberia‘s Old Believers, examples of which are less widely known.

Materials on funeral rituals are less widely known, and the volume includes nearly all available examples of funeral laments. Among the published texts are old as well as recently gathered materials.

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