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1. The Evenk Heroic Tales. Brave Sodani-hero. All-powerful Develchen in the Embroided and Decorated Clothes.

Introductory article, text preparation, translation, commentaries and glossaries by A. N. Myreeva. Musicological article by A. M. Aizenshtadt and Yu. I. Sheikin. Musical score by Yu. I. Sheikin.—Novosibirsk: Nauka. Siberian Division, 1990.—392 pages.

Two unique Evenki heroic tales from the repertoire of the storyteller N. G. Trofimov (1915–1971) are published in this book for the first time.

These works contain the basic traits of the Evenki epos, embodying its traditional poetic wealth. A recording left by N. G. Trofimov himself and scholarly analysis work by the volume's compiler, A. N. Myreeva were the sources used in preparing the edition.

Because both text were originally recorded without use of any audio recording devices, the accompanying record contains portions of audio from another epic, “The Hero Irkismondya”, as performed by the same storyteller.

Nikolay Trofimov (1915–1971).

Examples of text and audio

Tune of the Underworld heroine Dege Babe

Record 1.

Tune of the Underworld hero Selergun Sevendya

Record 2.

The brave hero Sodani

Text 2

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