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Name: The name of a hero in the Shor epos

Authors: Arbachakova Lyubov Nikitovna, Kuzmina Evgenia Nikolaevna

Institute of Philology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

In the section Study of folklore

Issue 1, 2014Pages 6-9
UDK: 398.224 (=512.155)DOI:

Abstract: The paper considers the functional role of the name of the main character in the heroic legend of the Shors. Due to the oral nature of the existence of epic works, their variability at the level of the plot, poetics and language is observed. This main property of folklore tells on the names of characters which, in its turn, has its variations depending on the rhythmic system, melodic pattern and poetic tasks of the legend. By the epic tradition, the storytellers give names to heroic legends performed by them, after the main hero’s name to which information is at once added with the hero’s characteristic. In the course of the performance this name varies many times, but more frequently use is made of the short name without widespread epithets.

Keywords: epic tradition, heroic legends of shors, repertoire of the modern shor storyteller v.e. tannagashev, functional role of a name of the main character of the epos


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