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Name: From travelogue to life scenario: Zhukovsky and Gleb's Travel by B.K. Zaitsev

Authors: Evdenia E. Anisimova

Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

In the section Study of literature

Issue 1, 2012Pages 48-55
UDK: 812.0DOI:

Abstract: The article investigates the formation of B.K. Zaitsev’s life scenario through his comprehension of V.A. Zhukovsky’s biography. Zaitsev’s form of penetration into the hidden parameters of Zhukovsky’s life scenario was a travelogue which in the process of the writer’s work at the autobiographical tetralogy «Gleb’s Travel» took the shape of an integral philosophy of the course of life.

Keywords: zhukovskii, zaitsev, biography, life scenario, travelogue


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